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Product name: Rhodiola rosea L. Extract
Stimulating the nervous system, decreasing depression
Enhancing work performance, eliminating fatigue
Preventing high altitude sickness
Product name: Synephrine (Citrus aurantium L Extracts)
Citrus aurantium L. is young fruit of lime. It is ball-shaped with diameter 0.3 ~ 3cm, dark-green or gray-green appearance, covered with oil maculae and farrow with some yellow-white flecks.
Product name: Horsetail Extract
Features: (1) Medicinal effects:Inhibits coughing and Induces urination
(2) Applications: Haematemesis ,Hematochezia , Irregular menstruation and Coughing and panting
Product name: Licorice Root Extract
Licorice is widely used to be the anti-inflammatory,antiheoplastic,anti-allergic and anti-convulsive agent. It can relieve pain and induce urine.
Product name: Luo Han Guo Extract
Grosvenor momordica fruit belonging to cucurbitaceae is a kind of perennial plant with old root and herbal stem.It can relieve heat and cool blood, engender liquid and check coughing induce laxation, invigorate the skin, lubricate the lung and eliminate phlegm so that It can be used to prolong life, freshen the complexion, treat heat phlegm, coughing ,throat-swelling constipation and depression.

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