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Description Of Notoginseng Extract
Clinic Effect:

1.Anti tumor 2.It have the effect with cardiovascular system 3.Have the effect with nervous system 4.Antiinflammatory 5.Immune function 6.Have the effect with blood and hematopoietic system 7.Antioxygen,anti aging 8.Have the effect with substance metabolism 9.The product can enhance organism radiating capacity,abate damage with hematopoietic system by radiation.Notoginseng preparation have erethitic function with hystera  smooth muscle and human ex vivo round ligament. It can cure descensus uteri¡¢salpingemphraxis and so on 10.Notoginseng root¡¯s total saponin injection have good effect with cerebrovascular disease residual,expecially acute ischemic cerebrovascular disease.It can ameliorate obviously with dizzy¡¢headache¡¢ataxia¡¢language barrier and so on

Specification:    Ginsenoside  10%-98%      HPLC



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